Introduction of
The Nogata Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Address 7-50, Tonomachi, Nogata-City, Fukuoka-Pref, Japan
Phone +81-949-22-5500
Facsimile +81-949-25-0471
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Population of Nogata City About 59,486 (as of January,2006)
Area 61.78km2
Founded April, 1933
Membership 1,612 (as of March,2006)
Vice Chairmen

Managing director
Mr. Hirotoshi Naito
Mr. Yasuhiko Tani
Mr. Masahide Nagatomi
Mr. Takashi Hori
Mr. Kazuyoshi Fukutani
-Support to Small and Medium-size Enterprises.
-Takes Consultations About Tax Payments.
-Issue of Public Relations papers.
-Management of Examination of Bookkeeping and Calculation on the Abacus.
-Holds Classes for Bookkeeping and Personal Computer.
-Issues Certificates of Origin for Goods to be Exported.
-Holds of Members' Periodic Health Examination.
-Holding of the Members' Golf Convention.
-Introduction of "NCCI"'s Service and Information on the Internet Homepage.

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